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Sauerkraut is a superfood and for that reason you should try to make your own. People have been eating sauerkraut for many years, especially in autumn and winter months in order to stay healthy and keep their immune system strong. Sauerkraut contains probiotics that are so good for our guts.

I just love sauerkraut and keep on making it, so it is always in our kitchen. It is very easy to make and you will love it too.

All you need is one head of white cabbage, some good quality salt ( I use Himalayan salt) and a jar. You can also add herbs. My favourite is cumin, sometimes I also make sauerkraut with carrots.

Basically, you need to shred the cabbage and add salt. Start mixing and pressing the cabbage, it will release liquid, which is then needed for fermentation. The lacto-fermentation process takes from a week to a few months, however the longer the sauerkraut is fermenting the better taste there is. But you can eat it any time. Once you put your jar of sauerkraut in the fridge, it will stop the fermentation process.



5kg white cabbage 

500g carrots

2 tablespoons cumin seeds

100g Himalayan salt

(optional:  pimento)


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