What to eat to stay slim and healthy?

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Women want to look and feel good in their body and it is all fine.

I am really tall (1,8 m) and always wanted to be a model, but I struggled with my weight when I was eating more foods and also with time I realised that I wasn’t eating the way I should have.

As you know I have written a book together with my husband, Robert and there you can read the whole story and get into details what exactly is right for us to make us slim, happy and healthy at the same time.

By choosing the right foods we nourish our body, get to the right for us weight and feel healthy. I gave birth to four children and after each preganancy got back to shape in about 3 weeks time. Never exercised too much, because I didn’t really enjoy it and to be honest I didn’t have time for it with 4 small kids.

My way of eating throught the last (over) 10 years was based on the same rules. It is not a secret and I wish all mums out there could enjoy their life in a slim and healthy body, that for me personally feels good.

The basic rules regarding food are as follows:

1. Don’t eat sweets/cakes available in the shops. Make your own desserts using healthy ingredients.

2. Eat healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter, goose fat, linseed oil, olive oil and smaltz. Don’t use vegetable oils.

3. Eat meat (the size of your hand without fingers), fish, seafood, other proteins such as liver, heart of animals…basicaly organs.

4. Eat root veg and fermented veg such as sauerkraut, sauer cucumbers with dill and garlic.

5. Drink water, tea (nettle, ginger, …etc) and one coffee a day (not more, because it takes away magnessium from your body).

6. Avoid food made with plain flour (pasta, bread, standard cakes)

7. Don’t drink excessive amount of alcohol, which is mainly sugar… Instead have a glass of good quality red wine or make mulled wine in winter (recipe here).


I hope that will help you to open your eyes and encourage you to put them into practice. You can find some recipes on my blog and more information about foods as well as reasons why they should or should not be eaten is in our book. You can have a look Here. If you want to get contact with me, email me and I will get back to you.




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